Slate is a Key Component in Environmentally Friendly Roofs

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Environmentally friendly roofs are the result of the materials you choose – that and regular maintenance. Get the best materials and add in regular maintenance and you will ensure a long life for the roof, with considerable cost savings.

Two exceptionally eco-friendly roofing choices are slate and cedar. They are both at the high end of the cost scale, but offer energy savings at the same time, as they create a higher resale value for your property.

Regular maintenance of your roof – whatever it is made of – will ensure that it has a longer life. It will also correct any damage that might be causing energy loss, again saving you money. In addition to regularly checking your roof, it is vitally important to immediately repair any damage caused to it by bad weather or – quite commonly – falling branches. The result of inaction can be costly and the entire structural integrity of your home could be put at risk.
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Slate Is an Environmentally Friendly Choice

Perhaps the most environmentally friendly roof is made of slate. It is the most durable roofing material and can last a century before having to be replaced. In fact, slate is sometimes nicknamed the "100 Year Tile”. The durability of slate makes it worth its higher initial cost and also places less strain on the environment. It is also recyclable. Slate’s protective qualities have enabled many heritage buildings to retain their structural integrity and avoid expensive repairs.

Regular Maintenance Keeps Your Roof "Healthy” – and Has Environmental Benefits

A well-maintained roof brings with it environmental benefits. If the roof is keeping the interior of the building sealed, it allows the building’s energy-saving qualities to stay at peak efficiency.  A carefully maintained roof will live its maximum life before replacement.
Slate is easy to maintain and durable. Cedar is another environmentally friendly roof material and boasts great, natural insulating qualities. Cedar shakes and shingles require regular maintenance to protect from moss, mold and mildew.
An expert roofer can provide the kind of upkeep and periodic inspection that will enable the structure to enjoy an environmentally friendly roof.


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